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Budget Ryokan in Gion Kyoto

Gion Ryokan Q-beh's Staff


Hometown: Taiwan
Language: Chinese, Japanese, English
I like: cooking, eating, traveling and watching movie


Hometown: Singapore
Language: Japanese, English, a little bit of reading Hangul
I like: dancing, watching movies (not horror), listening to Kpop, green colour and dogs (big and fluffy one).


Hometown: Yamaguchi
Language: Japanese, English
I like: playing the guitar, watching movies and traveling

Free-accommodation Staff

Employment Type: Free-Accommodation
Location: Gion Ryokan Q-beh
Postal Code: 6050072
Address: 505-3 Washio-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto


This application is only for those who can match the following criteria.

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