Let's begin

This plan came up in summer 1999 at first. I made up my mind that I would travel Europe with my own motorbike. It is just in May 1999 that I got a motorbike driving license. I did it because of a practical thing, that I wanted a flexible vehicle to avoid terrible traffic jam in my city. But I got addicted to the exciting vehicle as soon as  I began to ride. My body and heart has sympathized vibration of the  new Yamaha TTR, which drove me to the 1-month Hokkaido tour in June. Despite a shoulder fracture during the tour, I got to love riding more and more. The second tour was done in August from Kyoto to Hokkaido in August, when I already began to think about overseas motorbiking tour.
In spite of lack of riding experience, invincible spirit and optimism will  make a big success!

Approximate trip classification
1  Western Europe, Scandinavia Mid March  to early July 2000
2 The Baltic, Middle Europe, The Balkans Mid August to mid October 2000
3 the Middle East, South Asia Late October to late December 2000
4 Southeast Asia Early January to mid March 2001
About one year will be spent for the tour. Though I would like more, it might be a limit because I have already been a vagabond for more than a year. I don't want to become a "real vagabond". Let's work after the 21th century! But schedule is schedule. It is possible for some extension (or even reduction) by unexpected things on my road..

Touring route expected

Red ---On the road, Blue---by sea, Light blue---by air

So many things will attract me during the tour. I wanna go everywhere and enjoy  native tastes at every corner. But it is impossible to understand everything about every country in one year, of course. So I would like to travel as I  feel like. One thing I should be particular is "communication". Whenever I travel, communication with other tourists or native people always remain in my memory best; besides, for understanding the countries, it might be the best way to approach local people, who have the histories of their own countries and points of view in their own mind.
I think that the most important nature of travel is to "exchange information". That is why we should not only get information from others but should be willing to tell about our countries and ourselves, Continuous efforts like this encourage mutual understanding and mutual understanding would promote world peace, slowly but steadily, I believe. Nobody wish war against the nation in which our friend live happily!!