Troubles on the road

Date Contry Place Trouble
What happened Reference
00/MAR 23-27 France Paris **** I couldn't get green card report on MAR23-27
00/MAR/29 France C.D.G airport ** forget the diary on the public phone report on Mar29
00/APR/3 France Bourgogne * forget the water bottle on a wine factory report on APR3
00/APR/16 Spain San Jose *** The digital camera is broken for the strong wind report on April 16
00/APR/20-25 Spain Granada **** The PC gets a computer virus at a internet cafe report on Apr20-25
00/MAY/1 Portugal Guarda * Get a fever for cruising in the cold rain report on May 1-4
00/MAY/27 Germany Homburg * Engine oil comes out report on May 27
00/JUN/26 Ireland Galway * Chain cover gets broken report on Jun 26
00/JUL/22 England Doccombe * Chain cover gets broken again report on Jul 22