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About J-Hoppers

  • J-Hoppers is the brand name of a hostel group in Japan. J-Hoppers hostels are for those who are having Japan-hopping. Yes, you are J-Hoppers, too!
  • At present, we have hostels in Kyoto, Hiroshima, Osaka, Hida Takayama, Fukuoka and Kumano Kodo Yunomine. If you are travelling to other places, please refer to this page. The number of hostels in Japan are increasing and you may find a good one in other areas, too.
  • Each hostel is not very big. The capacity is between 30 beds and 50 beds. We believe this scale is the best to keep a friendly atmosphere between staff and guests, and also between guests.


  • We have some shower rooms which are available 24 hours. However, if you want to hum a tune in the tub, please try a Japanese public bathhouse (=Sento). The reception will advise a good one nearby and how to take it.
  • No, body soap and shampoo are provided in every shower room.
  • We have towels for rent.
  • Most of our dormitory rooms have lockers. The size of each locker is W35cmxD35cmxH45cm, which has room for your laptop computer but not for your backpack.
  • Yes, please come to the reception. We will tell you the security code for the access.
  • Don't worry about it. You don't sleep on tatami directly but futon sets are installed in every room. Also, there are instructions on how to sleep on futons. Please have a nice dream.


  • Why not? Please come and stay with us. Actually, it is one of the happiest things for us to see a foreign guest making friends with a Japanese guest in our place. Unfortunately, Japanese guests are only about 10% of all J-Hoppers guests. Please stay with us and enjoy cross-cultural talk!
  • You can cancel your reservation with no fee until 2 days before your check-in date. Please refer to each hostel page for more details.


  • We will tell you the PIN code to unlock the front door beforehand. Please enter the hostel with it and follow the directions we leave for you.
  • The front door is locked when the reception is cloed. However, you can get in with the PIN code at the door. So don't worry about the security.
  • Yes, we keep your luggage before check-in, after check-out.
  • No. We are not a financial agent.
  • We organize some tours such as Shirakawago half day bus tour, private tours for both a small group and large group in Hida Takayama. Please visit J-HOP TOUR for details.
  • No. You cannot buy a air/train ticket either. We are not a travel agency. We are willing to help you get tickets/make reservations, though.
  • No. All of the J-Hoppers Hostels are within walking distance from the nearest train station.
  • Some of our hostels have own parking space. Please directly contact to each hostel.


  • We don't serve any meals. Every J-Hoppers hostel has a self-catering kitchen and a dining room with tableware, cooking utensils and some seasonings instead.
  • You can pay the total amount on arrival by cash or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Diners and UnionPay). We don't accept travelers checks nor foreign currencies.
  • Unfortunately not, because we don't belong to the YH association but are independent hostels.
  • Yes, included.

In the dorm room

  • Please choose any one of the vacant beds. We don't specify your bed in the dorm.
  • We can reserve one of the available beds in a dorm room but we cannot reserve a particular bed.
  • No you have to sleep separately in each bed no matter how much you love her. If you want to sleep together, please reserve a private room.
  • Oh it could happen if you stay in a dorm room. If it is unbearable, please come to the reception. We give earplugs for free.
  • Please tell them to stop chatting or to do so in the common area. If they have no ear, please come to the reception and tell us about it.
  • Someone must have lowered the temperature of the air-con. There is written instruction about the temperature setting in the dorm room. Please set the temperature following the instruction.
  • We are sorry but please use our own bedding (futon) and bed sheets. We don't mean your sleeping bag is dirty, though.

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